All of the rules are final, and amendable!

Voice bank:Edit

1. Use for whatever

2. No commerical use or use for profit with out SDR's written consent.

3. Even with personallity set, you do NOT need to make the songs fit any of the SDRloids.

4. No redisributing! If a translation is done (ex: romaji to Kana) contact SDR BEFORE putting up the link. However oto.ini files are okay due to the fact that SDR does not make them. The breaking of this rule will result the pulling of the UTAU's voice bank from the internet.

5. No editing the profile of the the UTAU. This will result in a pull of the voice bank.

6. No editing the design of the UTAU and calling it "offical", SDR is the only one who can make a offical design

7. Some exeptions aplly, these rules can be broken with SDR's consent

8. No use for drug-themed projects.

9. No use for heavy political projects.

10. Religious songs are not allowed.

11. No heavy sexual content usage. Sorry :[


1. Please keep hentai testeful. I do not want my characters used in hardcore porn. Porn with a story is okay, but freaky stuff...only if it fits the character D:

2. No heavy drug use

3. No religioun-conversion stories. Please, the SDRloids are not made to make such a statement. (Ex. You cannot write Mikai converting into catholosim. This is to keep me out of hot water D: )

4. Polotical statements are okay if it fits the character/you have it aproved by SDR. (Ex. Mikai can protest for gay rights, but cannot protest for legaliztion of illegal substabces)

5. Crap paring...will not get you into trouble. I will hate it if they are pre-paired with someone...meh...whatever :D

6. Do not change too much about the characters and you will be fine :D

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